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The immigration process can be complex and overwhelming and it is wise to seek experienced legal advice when navigating this area of the law.

There are several types of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas to visit or live in the United States.  Some of those visas include B-2 tourist visas, and F-1 student visas.  Also, you can sponsor your family members and spouse so they can become legal residents of the United States and ultimately a United States Citizen. 

There are people who unfortunately are here in the United States as a Permanent Resident or without any legal documentation and facing deportation.  Depending on your circumstances (the amount of years you have resided in the U.S., other U.S. Citizen family members you may have, etc.) you may have options in your deportation defense.

Perhaps you are an undocumented child, you may qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  This would allow you to obtain work authorization and receive deferred action from deportation.  Or maybe you are here in the United States and need to seek asylum from your country of origin.  There are timelines that must be met and specific documents that must be submitted.

There are so many complexities in the immigration system; one size does not fit all.  You need an experienced attorney leading the way! Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you.

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